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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 12 Problem 12-73 A car traveling along the straight portions of the road has the velocities indicated in the figure when it arrives at points A , B , and C . If it takes time t AB to go from A to B , and then time t BC to go from B to C , determine the average acceleration between points A and B and between points A and C . Given: t AB 3s = t BC 5s = v A 20 m s = v B 30 m s = v C 40 m s = θ 45 deg = Solution: v Bv v B cos () sin () = v Av v A 1 0 = v Cv v C 1 0 = a ABave v Bv v Av t AB = a ABave 0.404 7.071
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Unformatted text preview: m s 2 = a ACave v Cv v Av t AB t BC + = a ACave 2.5 m s 2 = Problem 12-74 A particle moves along the curve y = ae bx such that its velocity has a constant magnitude of v = v . Determine the x and y components of velocity when the particle is at y = y 1 . Given: a 1 ft = b 2 ft = v 4 ft s = y 1 5 ft = In general we have y ae b x = v y abe b x v x = 57...
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