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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 12 0 s s 1 v A 2 bs 2 + d 0 t t 1 d = t 0 s 1 s 1 v A 2 2 + d = t 1.211 s = * Problem 12-128 A boy sits on a merry-go-round so that he is always located a distance r from the center of rotation. The merry-go-round is originally at rest, and then due to rotation the boy’s speed is increased at the rate a t . Determine the time needed for his acceleration to become a . Given: r 8f t = a t 2 ft s 2 = a 4 ft s 2 = Solution: a n a 2 a t 2 = va n r = t v a t = t 2.63 s = Problem 12–129 A particle moves along the curve y = b sin( cx) with a constant speed v . Determine the normal and
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