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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 12 Problem 12-186 The cylinder C is being lifted using the cable and pulley system shown. If point A on the cable is being drawn toward the drum with speed of v A , determine the speed of the cylinder. Given: v A 2 m s = Solution: L 2 s C s C s A () + = 03 v C v A = v C v A 3 = v C 0.667 m s = Positive means down, negative means up. Problem 12–187 The cord is attached to the pin at C and passes over the two pulleys at A and D . The pulley at A is attached to the smooth collar that travels along the vertical rod. Determine the velocity and acceleration of the end of the cord at
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration of the end of the cord at B if at the instant s A = b the collar is moving upwards at speed v , which is decreasing at rate a . Given: a 3 ft = v A 5 ft s = b 4 ft = a A 2 ft s 2 = Solution: L 2 a 2 s A 2 + s B + = s A b = Guesses v B 1 ft s = a B 1 ft s 2 = Given 2 s A v A a 2 s A 2 + v B + = 129...
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