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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 12 Given: v 0 50 km hr = v A 200 km hr = θ 15 deg = v B 175 km hr = Solution: v A v A 0 = v B v 0 0 v B cos () sin () + = v AB v A v B = v AB 19.04 45.29 km hr = v AB 49.1 km hr = Problem 12-203 Cars A and B are traveling around the circular race track. At the instant shown, A has speed v A and is increasing its speed at the rate of v' A , whereas B has speed v B and is decreasing its speed at v' B . Determine the relative velocity and relative acceleration of car A with respect to car B at this instant. Given: 60 deg = r A 300 ft = r B 250 ft = v A 90 ft s =
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