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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 downward at constant velocity along the vertical rod, and (c) collar A is subjected to downward acceleration a A . In all cases, the collar moves in the plane. Given: m c 2kg = a A 2 m s 2 = g 9.81 m s 2 = θ 45 deg = Solution: (a) m c g cos () m c a a = a a g cos = a a 6.937 m s 2 = (b) m c g cos m c a b = a b g cos = a b 6.937 m s 2 = (c) m c ga A cos m c a crel = a crel A cos = a c a crel sin cos a A 0 1 + = a c 3.905 5.905 m s 2 = a c 7.08 m s 2 = Problem 13-33 The collar C of mass m c is free to slide along the smooth shaft
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