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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 Solution: N C Mg cos θ () 0 = N C cos = sin μ k N C Ma = ag sin k N C M = a 2.356 m s 2 = v B v A 2 2 ad + = v B 4.515 m s = *Problem 13-40 A parachutist having a mass m opens his parachute from an at-rest position at a very high altitude. If the atmospheric drag resistance is F D = kv 2 , where k is a constant, determine his velocity when he has fallen for a time t. What is his velocity when he lands on the ground? This velocity is referred to as the terminal velocity , which is found by letting the time of fall t ∞. Solution: kv 2 mg m a = k m v 2 = d v d t = t 0 v v 1 g k m v 2 d = t m gk atanh
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