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192_Dynamics 11ed Manual

192_Dynamics 11ed Manual - Engineering Mechanics Dynamics...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 N b Mg M v 2 ρ = N b M v 2 0m () + = N b 1.57 kN = *Problem 13-60 The sled and rider have a total mass M and start from rest at A ( b , 0). If the sled descends the smooth slope which may be approximated by a parabola, determine the normal force that the ground exerts on the sled at the instant it arrives at point C . Neglect the size of the sled and rider. Hint: Use the result of Prob. 13–58. Units Used: kN 10 3 N = Given: a 2m = b 10 m = c 5m = M 80 kg = g 9.81 m s 2 = Solution: yx c x b 2 c = y' x 2 c b 2 x
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