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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 g 9.81 m s 2 = Solution: Guesses N b 1N = N t 1N = v 1 m s = Given N b Mg 0 = N t 0 = kx 1 M v 2 x 1 = N b N t v Find N b N t , v , () = N b N t 7.36 0 N = N b N t 7.36 N = v 1.633 m s = *Problem 13-80 The block has weight W and it is free to move along the smooth slot in the rotating disk. The spring has stiffness k and an unstretched length δ . Determine the force of the spring on the block and the tangential component of force which the slot exerts on the side of the block, when the block is at rest with respect to the disk and is traveling with constant speed
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