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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 bicycle when it is at point A while it is freely coasting at speed v A . Also, compute the increase in the bicyclist’s speed at this point. Neglect the resistance due to the wind and the size of the bicycle and rider. Given: W 180 lb = d 5f t = v A 6 ft s = g 32.2 ft s 2 = h 20 ft = Solution: yx () h cos π x h = y' x x d d = y'' x x y' x d d = At A xd = θ atan y' x = ρ 1 y' x 2 + 3 y'' x = Guesses F N 1lb = v' 1 ft s 2 = Given F N W cos W g v A 2 = W sin W g v' = F N v' Find F N v' , = F N 69.03 lb = v' 29.362 ft s 2 = Problem 13-82 The packages of weight W ride on the surface of the conveyor belt. If the belt starts from rest and
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