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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 13 Eq.13-20 gives hv p r = h 35.44 10 9 × m 2 s = Thus, applying Eq.13-31 we have T π h rb + () = T 5.527 10 3 × s = The time required for the rocket to go from A' to B (half the orbit) is given by t T 2 = t 46.1 min = Problem 13-123 A satellite S travels in a circular orbit around the earth. A rocket is located at the apogee of its elliptical orbit for which the eccentricity is e . Determine the sudden change in speed that must occur at A so that the rocket can enter the satellite’s orbit while in free flight along the blue elliptical trajectory. When it arrives at B , determine the sudden adjustment in speed that must be given to the rocket in order to
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