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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 14 Problem 14-3 The crate of mass M is subjected to a force having a constant direction and a magnitude F , where s is measured in meters. When s = s 1 , the crate is moving to the right with a speed v 1 . Determine its speed when s = s 2 . The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the ground is μ k . Given: M 20 kg = F 100 N = s 1 4m = θ 30 deg = v 1 8 m s = a 1 = s 2 25 m = b 1m 1 = k 0.25 = Solution: Equation of motion: Since the crate slides, the friction force developed between the crate and its contact surface is F f = μ k N NF sin () + Mg 0 = NM gF sin = Principle of work and Energy: The horizontal component of force F which acts in the direction of displacement does positive work, whereas the friction force
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