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268_Dynamics 11ed Manual

268_Dynamics 11ed Manual - Engineering Mechanics Dynamics...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 14 Given 1 2 W g v A 2 W sin θ () μ k cos dl 1 + + 1 2 kl 0 l l 1 + 2 l 0 l 2 0 = v A Find v A = v A 5.80 ft s = Problem 14-39 The “flying car” is a ride at an amusement park which consists of a car having wheels that roll along a track mounted inside a rotating drum. By design the car cannot fall off the track, however motion of the car is developed by applying the car’s brake, thereby gripping the car to the track and allowing it to move with a constant speed of the track, v t . If the rider applies the brake when going from B to A and then releases it at the top of the drum, A , so that the car coasts freely down along the track to
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