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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 14 Solution: P Wv ε = P 4.20 hp = Problem 14-43 An electrically powered train car draws a power P . If the car has weight W and starts from rest, determine the maximum speed it attains in time t . The mechanical efficiency is . Given: P 30 kW = W 40000 lbf = t 30 s = 0.8 = Solution: PF v = W g t v d d v = 0 v v v d 0 t t Pg W d = v 2 Pgt W = v 29.2 ft s = * Problem 14-44 A truck has a weight W and an engine which transmits a power P to all the wheels. Assuming that the wheels do not slip on the ground, determine the angle θ of the largest
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