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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 14 FW W g a = W g a + = F 53.882 lbf = PF v 2 = P 0.49 hp = P motor P ε = P motor 0.645 hp = Problem 14-50 A car has a mass M and accelerates along a horizontal straight road from rest such that the power is always a constant amount P . Determine how far it must travel to reach a speed of v . Solution: Power: Since the power output is constant, then the traction force F varies with v . Applying Eq. 14-10, we have v = F P v = Equation of Motion: P v Ma = a P Mv = Kinematics: Applying equation d s v d v a = , we have 0 s s 1 d 0 v v 2 P
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