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308_Dynamics 11ed Manual

308_Dynamics 11ed Manual - Engineering Mechanics Dynamics...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 T 2a 6lb = t 1c 10 s = t 2a 8s = t 2b 10 s = Solution: Impulse is area under curve for hole cavity. I a T 1a t 1a 1 2 T 1a T 1b + () t 1b t 1a + 1 2 T 1b t 1c t 1b + = I a 46.00 lb s = For starred cavity: I b T 2a t 2a 1 2 T 2a t 2b t 2a + = I b 54.00 lb s = * Problem 15-8 During operation the breaker hammer develops on the concrete surface a force which is indicated in the graph. To achieve this the spike S of weight W is fired from rest into the surface at speed
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