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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 Given: M 5kg = v 1 2 m s = h 8m = Δ t 0.9 s = g 9.81 m s 2 = Solution: Just before impact v 2 v 1 2 2 gh + = v 2 12.69 m s = Collision Mv 2 F t 0 = F Mv 2 t = F 70.5 N = Problem 15-21 A crate of mass M rests against a stop block s , which prevents the crate from moving down the plane. If the coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the plane and the crate are μ s and k respectively, determine the time needed for the force F to give the crate a speed v up the plane. The force always acts parallel to the plane and has a magnitude of F = at . Hint:
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