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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 * Problem 15-36 Two men A and B , each having weight W m , stand on the cart of weight W c . Each runs with speed v measured relative to the cart. Determine the final speed of the cart if (a) A runs and jumps off, then B runs and jumps off the same end, and (b) both run at the same time and jump off at the same time. Neglect the mass of the wheels and assume the jumps are made horizontally. Given: W m 160 lb = W c 200 lb = v 3 ft s = g 32.2 ft s 2 = Solution: m m W m g = m c W c g = (a) A jumps first 0 m m vv c () m m m c + v c1 + = v c1 m m v m c 2 m m + = v c1 0.923 ft s = And then B jumps m m m c + v c1 m m c2 m c v c2 + = v c2 m m vm m m c + v c1 + m m m c + = v c2 2.26 ft s = (b) Both men jump at the same time
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