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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 v 1 v 2x v 2y t Find v 1 v 2x , v 2y , t , () = t 1.87 s = v 1 v 2x v 2y 9.56 80.00 9.56 ft s = v 1 9.56 ft s = v 2x v 2y 80.57 ft s = Problem 15-47 The winch on the back of the jeep A is turned on and pulls in the tow rope at speed v rel . If both the car B of mass M B and the jeep A of mass M A are free to roll, determine their velocities at the instant they meet. If the rope is of length L , how long will this take? Units Used: Mg 10 3 kg = Given: M A 2.5 Mg = v rel 2 m s = M B 1.25 Mg = L 5m = Solution: Guess v A 1 m s = v B 1 m s = Given 0 M A v A M B v B + = v A v B
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Unformatted text preview: v rel = v A v B Find v A v B , ( ) = t L v rel = t 2.50 s = v A v B 0.67 1.33 m s = * Problem 15-48 The block of mass M a is held at rest on the smooth inclined plane by the stop block at A . If the bullet of mass M b is traveling at speed v when it becomes embedded in the block of mass M c , determine the distance the block will slide up along the plane before momentarily stopping. 331...
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