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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 Given: M a 10 kg = v 300 m s = M b 10 gm = θ 30 deg = M c 10 kg = Solution: Conservation of Linear Momentum: If we consider the block and the bullet as a system, then from the FBD , the impulsive force F caused by the impact is internal to the system. Therefore, it will cancel out. Also, the weight of the bullet and the block are nonimpulsive forces . As the result, linear momentum is conserved along the x axis M b v bx M b M a + () v x = M b v cos () M b M a + () v x = v x M b v cos () M b M a + = v x 0.2595 m s = Conservation of Energy: The datum is set at the block’s initial position. When the block and the embedded bullet are at their highest point they are a distance h above the datum. Their gravitational potential energy is (
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