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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 during this time. Given: kN 10 3 N = m b 2kg = v b 4 m s = g 9.81 m s 2 = m B 20 kg = e 0.8 = Δ t 0.005 s = Solution: Guesses v A 1 m s = v B 1 m s = F 1N = Given momentum m b v b m b v A m B v B + = restitution ev b v B v A = momentum B 0 F t + m B v B = v A v B F Find v A v B , F , () = v A v B 2.55 0.65 m s = F 2.62 kN = Problem 15-69 A ball is thrown onto a rough floor at an angle θ . If it rebounds at an angle φ and the coefficient of kinetic friction is μ , determine the coefficient of restitution e . Neglect the size of the ball. Hint: Show that during impact, the average impulses in the
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