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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 F y mv 1 sin θ () 2 sin φ + Δ t = [ 3 ] Since F x = μ F y , from Eqs [2] and [3] 1 cos 2 cos t 1 sin 2 sin + t = v 2 v 1 cos sin sin cos + = [ 4 ] Substituting Eq. [4] into [1] yields: e sin sin cos sin sin cos + = Problem 15-70 A ball is thrown onto a rough floor at an angle of . If it rebounds at the same angle , determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor and the ball. The coefficient of restitution is e . Hint: Show that during impact, the average impulses in the x and y directions are related by I x = I y . Since the time of impact is the same,
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