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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 15 v A1 5 ft s = v r 4 ft s = r B 1f t = g 32.21 ft s 2 = Solution: W g r A v A1 W g r B v Btangent = v Btangent r A v A1 r B = v Btangent 10.00 ft s = v B v Btangent 2 v r 2 + = v B 10.8 ft s = U AB 1 2 W g v B 2 1 2 W g v A1 2 = U AB 11.3 ft lb = Problem 15-103 An earth satellite of mass M is launched into a free-flight trajectory about the earth with initial speed v A when the distance from the center of the earth is r A . If the launch angle at this position is φ A determine the speed v B
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Unformatted text preview: r B from the center of the earth. The earth has a mass M e . Hint: Under these conditions, the satellite is subjected only to the earths gravitational force, F , Eq. 13-1. For part of the solution, use the conservation of energy. Units used: Mm 10 3 km = Given: A 70 deg = M 700 kg = v A 10 km s = G 6.673 10 11 N m 2 kg 2 = r A 15 Mm = M e 5.976 10 24 kg = 372...
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