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Unformatted text preview: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics θ= 1 2 αA t 2 Chapter 16 θ = 90.00 rad Problem 16-7 The mechanism for a car window winder is shown in the figure. Here the handle turns the small cog C, which rotates the spur gear S, thereby rotating the fixed-connected lever AB which raises track D in which the window rests. The window is free to slide on the track. If the handle is wound with angular velocity ωc, determine the speed of points A and E and the speed vw of the window at the instant θ. Given: rad s ωc = 0.5 rC = 20 mm θ = 30 deg rs = 50 mm rA = 200 mm Solution: vC = ωc rC m s vC = 0.01 ωs = vC ωs = 0.20 rs rad s vA = vE = ωs rA vA = ωs rA vA = vE = 40.00 mm s Points A and E move along circular paths. The vertical component closes the window. vw = vA cos ( θ ) vw = 34.6 mm s *Problem 16-8 The pinion gear A on the motor shaft is given a constant angular acceleration α. If the gears A and B have the dimensions shown, determine the angular velocity and angular displacement of the output shaft C, when t = t1 starting from rest. The shaft is fixed to B and turns with it. Given: α=3 rad 2 s 399 ...
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