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409_Dynamics 11ed Manual - = kt 2/3 . If the radii of gears...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 16 Problem 16-19 Starting from rest when s = 0, pulley A is given a constant angular acceleration α Α . Determine the speed of block B when it has risen to s = s 1 .The pulley has an inner hub D which is fixed to C and turns with it. Given: A 6 rad s 2 = s 1 6m = r A 50 mm = r C 150 mm = r D 75 mm = Solution: θ A r A C r C = C r D s 1 = A r C r A s 1 r D = ω A 2 2 A A = A 2 A A = A r A C r C = C r A r C A = v B C r D = v B 1.34 m s = *Problem 16-20 Initially the motor on the circular saw turns its drive shaft at
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Unformatted text preview: = kt 2/3 . If the radii of gears A and B are r A and r B respectively, determine the magnitudes of the velocity and acceleration of a tooth C on the saw blade after the drive shaft rotates through angle = 1 starting from rest. 407...
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