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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 16 *Problem 16-68 If the end of the cord is pulled downward with speed v C , determine the angular velocities of pulleys A and B and the speed of block D. Assume that the cord does not slip on the pulleys. Given: v C 120 mm s = r a 30 mm = r b 60 mm = Solution: v C ω A r a = A v C r a = A 4.00 rad s = v C B 2 r b = B v C 2 r b = B 1.00 rad s = v D B r b = v D 60.00 mm s = Problem 16-69 At the instant shown, the truck is traveling to the right at speed
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Unformatted text preview: v = at , while the pipe is rolling counterclockwise at angular velocity ω = bt , without slipping at B. Determine the velocity of the pipe’s center G at time t . Given: a 8 m s 2 = b 2 rad s 2 = r 1.5 m = t 3 s = Solution: v at = bt = 440...
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