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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 16 *Problem 16-76 The slider mechanism is used to increase the stroke of travel of one slider with respect to that of another. As shown, when the slider A is moving forward, the attached pinion F rolls on the fixed rack D , forcing slider C to move forward. This in turn causes the attached pinion G to roll on the fixed rack E , thereby moving slider B . If A has a velocity v A at the instant shown, determine the velocity of B . Given: v A 4 ft s = r 0.2 ft = v c 8 ft s = Solution: ω F v A r = v C F 2 r () = G v C r = v B G 2 r = v B 16.00 ft s = Problem 16-77 The gauge is used to indicate the safe load acting at the end of the boom, B , when it is in any
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