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Unformatted text preview: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics vD = ωAB rCID Chapter 16 vD ωCD = r'DIC vC = ωCD r'CIC vC = 2.93 ft s Problem 16-103 The crankshaft AB rotates with angular velocity ωAB about the fixed axis through point A, and the disk at C is held fixed in its support at E . Determine the angular velocity of rod CD at the instant shown where CD is perpendicular to BF. Given: r1 = 100 mm r2 = 300 mm r3 = 75 mm θ = 60 deg ωAB = 50 rad s r4 = 75 mm r5 = 40 mm Solution: rBIC = r2 cos ( θ ) rFIC = r2 tan ( θ ) vB = ωAB r1 ωBF = vB rBIC vF = ωBF rFIC rBIC = 0.60 m rFIC = 0.5196 m vB = 5.00 m s ωBF = 8.33 rad s vF = 4.330 m s ωCD = 57.7 rad s Thus, ωCD = vF r3 *Problem 16-104 The mechanism shown is used in a riveting machine. It consists of a driving piston A , three members, and a riveter which is attached to the slider block D. Determine the velocity of D at the instant shown, when the piston at A is traveling at vA. 462 ...
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