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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 16 Problem 16-118 At a given instant the slider block B is moving to the right with the motion shown. Determine the angular acceleration of link AB and the acceleration of point A at this instant. Given: a B 2 ft s 2 = r AB 5f t = r AC 3f t = v B 6 ft s = Solution: dr AB 2 r AC 2 = From an instantaneous center analysis we find that ω AB 0 = Guesses α AB 1 rad s 2 = a Ax 1 ft s 2 = Given a B 0 0 a Ax v B 2 r AC 0 0 α AB d r AC 0 × + α AB a Ax α AB a Ax , () = a A a Ax v B 2 r AC = a A 7.00
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Unformatted text preview: ft s 2 = AB 3.00 rad s 2 = atan AB d a Ax = 59.7 deg = Problem 16-119 The closure is manufactured by the LCN Company and is used to control the restricted motion of a heavy door. If the door to which is it connected has an angular acceleration , determine the angular accelerations of links BC and CD . Originally the door is not rotating but is hinged at A . 474...
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