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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 b 1.5 m = φ 45 deg = c 1m = g 9.81 m s 2 = Solution: Guesses T 1N = C x = C y = Given T cos φθ () C x + M a = T sin Mg C y + 0 = T sin θ bc + Mgb cos Mab sin = T C x C y Find TC x , C y , = T C x C y 15.708 8.923 16.328 kN = Problem 17-38 The sports car has mass M and a center of mass at G . Determine the shortest time it takes for it to reach speed v , starting from rest, if the engine only drives the rear wheels, whereas the front wheels are free rolling. The coefficient of static friction between the wheels and the road is
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