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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 μ k N A N B + () W v W l + g a = N B fb + c + W l bc + + W v c + W l g ae W v g ad + = N A N B a Find N A N B , a , = N A N B 3343 1157 lb = a 9.66 ft s 2 = d ul v 2 2 a = d ul 82.816 ft = The distance is the same in both cases although the forces on the tires are different. Problem 17-46 The “muscle car” is designed to do a “wheeley”, i.e., to be able to lift its front wheels off the ground in the manner shown when it accelerates. If the car of mass M 1 has a center of mass at G , determine the minimum torque that must be developed at both rear wheels in order to do
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