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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Given N A W 0 = μ k N A P W g a G = Pc b () N A a k N A b + 0 = N A P a G Find N A P , a G , = a G 15.02 ft s 2 = N A 80lb = P 53.3 lb = Problem 17-51 The crate C has weight W and rests on the truck elevator for which the coefficient of static friction is s . Determine the largest initial angular acceleration α starting from rest, which the parallel links AB and DE can have without causing the crate to slip. No tipping occurs. Given: W 150 lb = s 0.4 = a 2f t = θ 30 deg = g 32.2 ft s 2 = Solution: Initial Guesses: N C 1lb = 1 rad s 2 = Given s N C W g a cos = N C W W g
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