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560_Dynamics 11ed Manual

560_Dynamics 11ed Manual - Engineering Mechanics Dynamics...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Given F CB cos θ () N A 0 = F CB sin Mg μ k N A + 0 = k N A r 1 2 Mr 2 α = F CB N A Find F CB N A , , = 19.311 rad s 2 = N A 96.6 N = F CB 193 N = t ω = t 3.107 s = Problem 17-74 The relay switch consists of an electromagnet E and an armature AB (slender bar) of mass M which is pinned at A and lies in the vertical plane.When the current is turned off, the armature is held open against the smooth stop at B by the spring CD , which exerts an upward vertical force F s on the armature at C . When the current is turned on, the electromagnet attracts the armature at
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