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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Given F N m b g cos θ () m b r ω 2 = μ s F N m b g sin m b r α = m b gr m b r 2 m w k G 2 + sin = 2 2 m b m b r 2 m w k G 2 + 1 cos = F N Find θα , , F N , = Since F N 322 N = > 0 our assumption is correct. 0.107 rad s 2 = 0.238 rad s = 29.8 deg = Problem 17-82 The “Catherine wheel” is a firework that consists of a coiled tube of powder which is pinned at its center. If the powder burns at a constant rate m' such that the exhaust gases always exert a force having a constant magnitude of F , directed tangent to the wheel, determine the angular velocity of the wheel when
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