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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Problem 17-94 The spool has mass M and radius of gyration k G . It rests on the surface of a conveyor belt for which the coefficient of static friction is μ s . Determine the greatest acceleration of the conveyor so that the spool will not slip. Also, what are the initial tension in the wire and the angular acceleration of the spool? The spool is originally at rest. Units Used: kN 10 3 N = Given: M 500 kg = k G 1.30 m = r i 0.8 m = s 0.5 = r o 1.6 m = Solution: Guesses α 1 rad s 2 = a x 1 m s 2 = a C 1 m s 2 = N s 1N = F s = T = Given TF s Ma x = N s Mg 0 = Tr i F s r o M k G 2 = F s s N s = a x r i = a C r o r i () = a x a C N s F s T
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