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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Given Tr 1 2 Mr 2 α A = Tr 1 2 Mr 2 B = TM g Ma By = A ra By α r + = T a By α α Find Ta By , α , α , () = T 15.7 N = α α 43.6 43.6 rad s 2 = a By 7.848 m s 2 = Problem 17-105 The uniform bar of mass m and length L is balanced in the vertical position when the horizontal force P is applied to the roller at A . Determine the bar's initial angular acceleration and the acceleration of its top point B . Solution: P ma x = a x P m = P L 2 1 12 mL 2 α α P mL = a B a x α 2 = a B 2 P m = positive means to the right Problem 17-106 A woman sits in a rigid position in the middle of the swing. The combined weight of the woman and swing is
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