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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 17 Given N C L cos φ () m D gL cos θφ () m b g L 2 cos () 1 2 m D r 2 α m D a A r m b a A r 2 = F C m D m b + () g sin θ () + m D m b + () a A = F C r 1 2 m D r 2 = F max μ s N C = F C k N C = N C F C a A F max Find N C F C , a A , , F max , () = N C F C F max 67.966 6.797 10.195 N = 5.664 rad s 2 = Problem 17-113 A “lifted” truck can become a road hazard since the bumper is high enough to ride up a standard car in the event the car is rear-ended. As a model of this case consider the truck to have a mass M , a mass center G , and a radius of gyration k G about G . Determine the horizontal and vertical components of acceleration of the mass center G , and the angular acceleration of the truck, at the moment its front wheels at
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