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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 19 Problem 19-13 The man pulls the rope off the reel with a constant force P in the direction shown. If the reel has weight W and radius of gyration k G about the trunnion (pin) at A , determine the angular velocity of the reel at time t starting from rest. Neglect friction and the weight of rope that is removed. Given: P 8lb = t 3s = g 32.2 ft s 2 = W 250 lb = θ 60 deg = k G 0.8 ft = r 1.25 ft = Solution: 0 Prt + W g k G 2 ω = Prtg Wk G 2 = 6.04 rad s = Problem 19-14 Angular motion is transmitted from a driver wheel A to the driven wheel B by friction between the wheels at C. If A always rotates at constant rate A and the coefficient of kinetic friction between
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