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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 19 Problem 19-15 The slender rod of mass M rests on a smooth floor. If it is kicked so as to receive a horizontal impulse I at point A as shown, determine its angular velocity and the speed of its mass center. Given: M 4kg = l 1 2m = l 2 1.75 m = I 8Ns = θ 60 deg = Solution: Guesses v 1 m s = ω 1 rad s = Given I sin () l 2 l 1 2 1 12 Ml 1 2 = IM v = v Find v , () = 3.90 rad s = v 2.00 m s = *Problem 19-16 A cord of negligible mass is wrapped around
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Unformatted text preview: the outer surface of the cylinder of weight W and its end is subjected to a constant horizontal force P . If the cylinder rolls without slipping at A , determine its angular velocity in time t starting from rest. Neglect the thickness of the cord. Given: W 50 lb = P 2 lb = t 4 s = r 0.6 ft = 640...
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