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645_Dynamics 11ed Manual

645_Dynamics 11ed Manual - taken up Determine the angular...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 19 at time t , starting from rest. Given: W A 15 lb = W B 10 lb = r A 0.8 ft = r B 0.5 ft = k A 0.5 ft = k B 0.35 ft = M 0 2lbf t = b 0.5 s 1 = t 5s = Solution: Guesses ω A 1 rad s ω B 1 rad s = ImpF 1lbs = Given 0 t t M 0 1 e b t () d ImpFr B W B g k B ω B = ImpFr A W A g k A ω A ω A r ω B r B ω ω B ImpF ω ω B , ImpF , () = ImpF 6.89 lb s ω B 75.7 rad s ω A 47.3 rad s = Problem 19-21 Spool B is at rest and spool A ω
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Unformatted text preview: taken up. Determine the angular velocity of each spool immediately after the cord is jerked tight by the spinning of spool A . The weights and radii of gyration of A and B are W A , k A , and W B , k A , respectively. 643...
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