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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 19 Solution: Assume each roller is brought to the condition of roll without slipping. In time t , the number of rollers affected is v 0 t / d . M c g sin θ () tF t 0 = FM c g sin = Ftr 1 2 Mr 2 v 0 r v 0 d t = v 0 2 g sin d M C M = Problem 19-34 Two wheels A and B have masses m A and m B and radii of gyration about their central vertical axes of k A and k B respectively. If they are freely rotating in the same direction at ω A and Β about the same vertical axis, determine their common angular velocity after they are brought into contact and slipping between them stops. Solution: m A k A 2 A m B k B 2 B + m A k A 2 m B k B 2 + = m A k A 2 A m B k B 2 B + m A k A 2 m B k B 2 + = Problem 19-35 The Hubble Space Telescope is powered by two solar
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