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Unformatted text preview: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics ωG = ωH Chapter 20 rH rG ωG = 27.778 vE = ωG rA rad s vE = 1.667 m s vE − ωE rE = ωB rA ωB = vE + ωE rE = ωA rA ωA = vE − ωE rE rA vE + ωE rE rA Problem 20-18 Rod AB is attached to the rotating arm using ball-and-socket joints. If AC is rotating with constant angular velocity ωAC about the pin at C, determine the angular velocity of link BD at the instant shown. Given: a = 1.5 ft d = 2 ft b = 3 ft ωAC = 8 rad s c = 6 ft Solution: Guesses ωBD = 1 rad s ωABy = 1 rad s ωABx = 1 rad s ωABz = 1 rad s Given Note that ωAB is perpendicular to rAB. 683 ωB = 7.778 ωA = 47.8 rad s rad s ...
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