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BIOL120 Plant Growth Terminology 1. Indeterminate growth: Growth that continues throughout the life time of the organism; Most plant growth is indeterminate 2. Determinate growth: Growth to a finite size that is maintained at maturity; Leaves and flowers are determinate plant structures 3. Meristem: Collection of “stem cells” in plants that divide to produce cells that can differentiate into multiple cell types a. Apical meristem: Meristems found at the growing tips of the shoot and the root as well as in axillary buds. Used for extension growth of plant i. Leaf primordium (pl. primordia): A developing embryonic determinate structure generally optimized for photosynthesis ii. Initial cell: An undifferentiated meristem cell that can divide to form another initial cell and a derivative cell iii. Derivative cell: A cell produced by the division of an initial cell; the derivative cell will go on to divide and differentiate potentially into multiple different cell types. b. Axillary bud meristem: Apical meristems found in the axils of leaves c. Lateral meristem: Meristems found in rings around stem and root. Used for lateral growth. Found only in woody plants with secondary growth.
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plant_growth_terminology - BIOL120 Plant Growth Terminology...

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