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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 21 Problem 21-75 The projectile shown is subjected to torque-free motion. The transverse and axial moments of inertia are I and I z respectively. If θ represents the angle between the precessional axis Z and the axis of symmetry z , and β is the angle between the angular velocity ω and the z axis, show that and are related by the equation tan = ( I / I z )tan . Solution: From Eq. 21-34 y H G sin () I = and z H G cos () I z = Hence y z I z I tan () = However, y sin () = and z cos () = y z tan () = I z I tan () = tan () I I z tan () = Q.E.D *Problem 21-76 While the rocket is in free flight, it has a spin s and precesses about an axis measured angle
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Unformatted text preview: from the axis of spin. If the ratio of the axial to transverse moments of inertia of the rocket is r , computed about axes which pass through the mass center G , determine the angle which the resultant angular velocity makes with the spin axis. Construct the body and space cones used to describe the motion. Is the precession regular or retrograde? Given: s 3 rad s = 10 deg = 781...
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