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800_Dynamics 11ed Manual

800_Dynamics 11ed Manual - O and supports the block A that...

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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 22 Problem 22-19 The block has a mass m and is supported by a rigid bar of negligible mass. If the spring has a stiffness k , determine the natural period of vibration for the block. Solution: k b θ bm a '' a = ma 2 '' kb 2 + 0 = '' kb 2 ma 2 + 0 = ω n k m b a = τ 2 π a b m k = *Problem 22-20 The disk, having weight W , is pinned at its center
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Unformatted text preview: O and supports the block A that has weight W A . If the belt which passes over the disk is not allowed to slip at its contacting surface, determine the natural period of vibration of the system. Given: W 15 lb = W A 3 lb = k 80 lb ft = r 0.75 ft = g 32.2 ft s 2 = 798...
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