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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 22 F 0 50 lb = ω 2 rad s = k 2000 lb ft = Solution: n kg W = n 6.55 rad s = C F 0 k 1 n 2 = x p C sin t () = 2.00 rad s = C 0.0276 ft = *Problem 22-56 The engine is mounted on a foundation block which is spring-supported. The block and engine have total weight W and the engine, when running, creates an impressed force F = F 0 sin ω t . Assume that the system vibrates only in the vertical direction, with the positive displacement measured downward,
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Unformatted text preview: and that the total stiffness of the springs can be represented as k . What rotational speed will cause resonance? Given: W 1500 lb = F 50 lb = 2 rad s = k 2000 lb ft = 825...
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