BCH100Spring2011 - BCH 100 ELEMENTARY BIOCHEMISTRY Spring...

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BCH 100 ELEMENTARY BIOCHEMISTRY Spring 2011 Lectures: MWF 9:10 – 10:00 AM in LFSC1500 Discussion Sections: Tuesdays Instructors: Faculty Office Faculty Office Hours E-MAIL Address P. Larsen (instructor in charge) 3470 Boyce Hall Thurs, Fri 11AM-noon paul.larsen@ucr.edu M. Ziegler 1020 Keen Hall TBA miriam.ziegler@ucr.edu Teaching Assistants Office TA Office Hours E-MAIL Address Ashley Alvarez Boyce 4473 TBA aalva008@ucr.edu James Hall Boyce 4473 TBA jknap002@student.ucr.edu Required Textbook : BIOCHEMISTRY- A Short Course , by Tymoczko et al., Freeman and Company (Available in the UCR Bookstore) ilearn : Lecture notes, homework assignments, and other very useful information will be posted on ilearn.ucr.edu . If you’ve never been to ilearn you should go to scs.ucr.edu/services/blackboard for introductory information. There will be a discussion board on Blackboard setup for answering questions about the lecture materials. Discussion Board: You MUST post your questions about the lecture material in the “Ask the Professor” forum rather than e-mailing the instructor. The instructor will answer your general questions on this board as quickly as possible. General questions will NOT be answered by email. Instructor Number of Lectures On-line Homework BLH WH Discussion Section Quiz # Exam #1 (8 lectures) Points Exam #2 (9 Lectures) Points Exam #3 (9 Lectures) Points FINAL EXAM Points Total Points Larsen 19 18 x 4 7 x 6 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 100 100 33 190 Ziegler 6 6 x 4 2 x 6 (6) 0 0 67 50 Total Points 96 54 60 100 100 100 240 750 -Each of the 6 quizzes is worth 10 points and will cover material listed on the SCHEDULE . -The final examination will cover selected material from the entire course (all 25 lectures). -The exam questions will be a mixture of problems (with calculations) and short answers, some requiring preparation of schematic diagrams or the drawing of structures. -You may view your exams during TA office hours for two weeks after the exam results have been posted. After this, the exams will no longer be available. The instructors reserve the right to re-evaluate completely any contested exam. -The final exam may be viewed for two weeks after the final exam results have been posted. You must make an appointment with Dr. Larsen to do so. There will be NO
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BCH100Spring2011 - BCH 100 ELEMENTARY BIOCHEMISTRY Spring...

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