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Unformatted text preview: Behemoth Motors Corp . 1 Decision Making for Behemoth Motors Corp .Behemoth Motors Corp . 2 Business management has become one of the most popular jobs in the world . Wally Wizard , as GSPN manager , needs a keen eye to ensure that the business is running with no hitches , no obstacles to success and no decrease in revenues . First , it is important to define what Wally Wizard ‘s problem is .Superficially , Mr . Wizard has no problem with the outfit , because statistics show that only 2 of their products fail quality control .However , upon closer inspection , Mr . Wizard does have a problem : the direct materials that they utilize are acquired pursuant to monthly contracts . Even though there are no future obligations under the contracts , BMC is still vulnerable to his suppliers ‘ : sudden increase in rates or the possible non-renewal of their contracts the following month . Now that the problem has been identified , what alternatives do Mr .Wizard have ? A perfect opportunity in an offer made by Far East identified , what alternatives do Mr ....
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