The Calleeta Corporation

The Calleeta Corporation - The Calleeta Corporation 1 The...

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The Calleeta Corporation 1 The Calleeta Corporation Roderick Ellington Strayer University HRM / 520 09:00:07 Cecile T. Masse', Ph.D.
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The Calleeta Corporation 2 The Calleeta Corporation This is a case about a company that wants to maintain the status quo, and is doing everything possible to ensure the whatever change(s) is made does not affect what they have become accustomed to as a company. This company built its brand as a leader in radio frequency identification devices. They have expanded the company to a service area that reaches to Mexico and Vietnam, but in recent times have experienced some difficulty in keeping track as a leader in this industry. The board members have issued some ultimatums to Jan Samson the CEO of Calleeta’s to figure out a way to cut cost and do it in a certain amount of time. Jan tried to get key players in the HR department to assist her in meeting the demands of the board. She worked to get the services of The HR vice president John Nosmas who was one of the biggest reasons for the company over-extending itself when it comes to cost. If Jan could not meet the demands of the Board members she would find herself in a different position and no longer the CEO of Calleeta’s Corporation. Identify three key business issues facing Jan, Calleeta’s CEO While Jan the CEO delved into different ventures to keep the company on top in the RFID industry, some concerns was on the horizon that would cause some key issues among those who supported the company. The business issues Jan saw herself facing were; 1. Different groups became concerned about how the RFID’s could lead to things like unwanted tracking of purchases related to the consumer, as well as violating other privacy issues the customers should not have to be concerned about when purchasing RFIDs. 2. Due to the growth of the company, Jan and John brought on twenty five HR recruiters, seventeen selection specialists and a healthy benefit package just to ensure they brought onboard the right employee and kept them. Making all these decisions while overlooking the cost to support these types of benefits long-term.
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The Calleeta Corporation - The Calleeta Corporation 1 The...

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