6.7-6.8 - Actabian – 18 years of age Caesars grandnephew...

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6.8 Terms 7-VI-11 Rome - Tiber- Etruscans et al.- Romulus/Remus- Age of Kings- Brutus!- “res publica”- Magistrates- Patricians- Plebeians (plebs)- XII Tables- Expansion- Pyrrhus- Punic Wars- Hannibal- Imperialism- 146 BCE- Internal problems- 133 BCE – 27 BCE- Marius Sulla- First Triumvirate- Second Triumvirate- Pompey & Caesar- Pompey fights with Caesar, Pompey is assassinated, Caesar gains command of the army – wants kingship & monarchy, Caesar becomes “dictator” – all absolute power, 44 BCE Caesar calls himself dictator for life , conspiracy grows, Caesar is assassinated on “the eyes of march”
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Marc Anthony – fights with Actabian for positional rights – power, with Cleopatra control of parts of Egypt, Anthony controls part of Rome while Actabian controls the other, Anthony loses, Actabian chases him back to Egypt, Anthony commits suicide Lethicus – wanted power after Caesar died
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Unformatted text preview: Actabian – 18 years of age, Caesars grandnephew, adopted son, inherits Caesar’s wealth & army, has army’s loyalty in exchange for money, smart politician, learns from Caesars mistakes, makes deal with senate, has Julius Caesar declared as a god = makes him son of a god, changes name to Augustus , dies – son takes over & senate is powerless = new form of government lasts for 40 years, same haircut, after death – all rulers called Augustus Caesar, people called the Romans = they spoke Greek, Princeps – the first head, the head man, “one of you” Octavian- idealism at height, presented himself as eternally youthful Verism- family word for realism Idealism- portraits that were altered in order to gain an ideal image Cement-Vault- used to create domes, architecture Flamines-Vestals-Pontifex-Lupercalia-October Horse-...
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6.7-6.8 - Actabian – 18 years of age Caesars grandnephew...

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