6.16 - world people pray to the black stone Caliph/ate...

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6.16 Kurban Bayram: Islam – Architecture- history of interesting development and decisions, no need for excessive architectural organization, no images of saints or gods that need to be created/worshiped, strong against images of their god – sin, Islamic representations of Muhammad but no human-form gods, no elaborate rituals – only prayers 5 times a day, domes, Mosques, Minarets, court yards, hospitals, schools Muslim Muhammad Allah Gabriel Qur’an 5 Pillars 3. alms giving – sharing of wealth 4. fasting 5. the pilgrim – relics come into play, sacred places to reaffirm your faith Shahada Salat Zakat Sawm Hajj Mecca - A site for pilgrimage in prehistoric times, a temple,,mohammad took that prehistoric religion and prehistoric pilgrimage and converted it - Kaaba Kaaba- symbolized cube, point of devotion, transformed first by Abraham into a place of devotion, houses a internal shrine that goes back to prehistoric times, included a black stone – absorbs from Abraham the sins of the
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Unformatted text preview: world, people pray to the black stone, Caliph/ate “Right Guided” Abu Bakr Umar – priest like figure, updates the community on the platform Uthman – succeeds Umar Ali- succeeds Uthman – claims caliphate- direct decendent of Muhammand, “deserves it” Mu’awiya- claims caliphate – elder- respected by community, split with Ali results in bloodshed Mosque- Minaret – a raised tower where member of the community can call others to pray, usually one minaret – throughout time more form in bigger areas, need a structure to point people to Mecca – direction of prayers – a pointer, the whole building is directed towards Mecca, a raised platform – leader will speak to the community – Friday (noon) prayers – a talk by a Umar, must was exposed cavities of the body – hands, nose, body, face, skin, etc. Muezzin Mihrab...
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6.16 - world people pray to the black stone Caliph/ate...

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